Welcome to Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society

Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society was established in 2000 with an objective to change the life of the poor & needy special children (Divyang) through corrective surgery and different Therapies like Physiotherapy, Yoga, Music Therapy and various Behavioural therapies etc. so that these children can get an opportunity to join the mainstream and be free from social discrimination.
Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society started a school “Sanjeevani Bal Vidya Mandir” at Suarsoat a remote tribal village in the forest area of Sonebhadra District. In the beginning children studied in the open air and in the field. There were many constraints but with dedication and firm determination it was overcome.
In the year 2013, “Morning Light, Switzerland” came forward and joined hands with Sanjeevani having the common mission and objective of serving the poor. With their generous and continuous support gradually a school building is constructed having 10 Class rooms & 4 Ashram – like class room with Solar Panels along with all basic amenities. There are around 400 boys and girls studying from class 1 to class 10.

We are also doing Community Level Services – spreading awareness through Mass – Mobilisation & sensitization campaigns at the village level on the issues like –Sanitation , Cleanliness ,Personal Hygiene by using Sanitary Pads by women & adolescent girls, De-addiction from the ill effects of Alcohol & Tobacco consumption & proper nutrition during pregnancy so as to minimise Disability and for infant malnutrition.

Medical Aid camps at different remote Tribal villages providing Health check-up & distributing medicines to the needy sufferers.

Mass Sensitization on the issues related to Malnutrition among the Tribal Community. Promoting on a mass scale the usefulness of Moringa plant as a dietary supplement. Planting Moringa plant on large scale and distributing seeds to the Tribal community by door to door campaign so that their health and economy can be improved.


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Life Changing


One could not imagine a boy with deformity can bear the responsibilities in life.  Now with a changed life he can do lead a normal life.


There was a drastic change in his life. Now he is a normal child going to school and doing all work.


This girl child could not walk properly due to deformity. Now, she is capable of doing all kinds of household chores.


There is a long life awaited in front of this little child. Now, with  the surgical intervention , his life has changed to normalcy.


This poor child was having deformity and difficulty in walking. Now, there is a great change in his life after operation and is going to school as a normal boy.


With his disability, this child could not bear the burden in life when grown up. But now he has a changed life and capable of doing all kind of work.

Manish Giri

This poor child was having deformity and difficulty in walking. Now, there is a great change in his life after operation and is going to school as a normal boy.


He is a very poor boy with deformity. After surgery of both legs, now he is supporting his family by doing a job.


A great example of a changed life of a small child who has a long time to spend in life. This he could not do with his deformity.


Celebrating with the special childrens.

Care about people to transforming their lives and exudes a positive Impression to believe.