Sanjeevani has conducted more than 700 operations till date by that we could change the life of many disable/special children to correct their deformity, by that these children are getting equal opportunity in society. Play game within their peer group.


They are getting respect in the village as normal children and not feeling humiliation. After that we manage their admission in nearby school. More than 100 children suffering from “Cerebral Palsy” are getting benefitted from Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy & Music Therapy etc.

At school, a 3-Storied building with 10 class rooms & 4 Ashram like class rooms has been constructed. It is fitted with 10 KVA Solar Panel, one RO Plant for safe drinking water. Separate toilets for boys and girls. Every class room has desk & benches so children do not study on floor. A well equipped computer classroom, a Library and all around the school boundary many fruit tree have been planted. With all this facilities we feel thankful to the god and morning light that we able to do these all good work and helping needy people and in this we are sharing happiness.

Simultaneously, we are saving many life in the remote villages by making people aware and providing medical aid.