“Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society” with the grace of the Almighty has started construction of the building for “Advance Therapy, Treatment, Rehabilitation & Training Centre “near Varanasi for poor Specially challenged children(Divyangjan). These special children will come from different districts of Uttar Pradesh & from other States also like — Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh etc. We are seeking support of Community, Corporate sector and searching for the support of other generous donors. Although, we are getting partial support of Morning Light, Switzerland. Please come forward and give your generous contribution to support this noble cause in the service of Humanity.

The modern therapy centre will provide the most important and common types of therapies for the poor C.P.  and physically disable children, who cannot afford to pay for the therapies.

In the present situation Sanjeevani is offering the following therapies :-

  1. Corrective Surgery : Operation of the physically handicapped children.
  2. Physical Therapy : Physiotherapy is an important therapy thereby improves muscle strengthening, balance, mobility, posture, crawling, walking and also builds confidence from  within.
  3. Yoga Therapy : This includes mind and body exercises, meditation, massage, acupuncture and breathing exercises.
  4. Music & Dance Therapy :  Helps improvement in learning, motivation, and relaxation & language skills. 

    But in future Sanjeevani intends to offer the following therapies at the Advanced Therapy Centre:-

  5. Play & Social Therapy : Helps to learn to express themselves better and gives an opportunity for parents to see how their child interacts socially during play. This can be extremely beneficial especially for children who have difficulty with communication.
  6. Energy Therapy : Energy therapy involves manipulating the child’s energy fields in an attempt to promote energy flow in the body and aid in well being.
  7. Speech Therapy : Help children towards Speech and communication development.
  8. Movement Therapy : Helps to promote spiritual, physical, emotional and mental balance.
  9. Massage Therapy : Improves musculoskeletal and circulatory system.
  10. Behaviour Therapy : One of the most important therapies. Helps children having difficulties with emotion and to change the negative behaviour into more  desirable, adaptive behaviour patterns.
  11. Occupational Therapy : Includes development of fine skills, uses of hands in daily activities like feeding, toileting, dressing & bathing etc, play, academics, mealtime and much more. Hence it is extremely beneficial.
  12. Aqua Therapy : Also known as Water Therapy, promotes physical function and control, improved muscle tone, confidence & independence.
  13. Vocational Therapy : Promotes skill development, improve concentration and mental status. Other than CP children those children  operated at the centre can choose any trade to suit their capability & capacity.

We are also planning to include Orthotic & Prosthetic making for physically handicapped children for their better rehabilitation.