Manya’s Transformation: The Holistic Approach to Her Rehabilitation

littil-Anavi-yoga-300x300 Manya’s Transformation: The Holistic Approach to Her Rehabilitation

It’s heartwarming to hear about the remarkable progress that Manya, a 3-year-old girl, has made under the care of our center over the past six months. The dedication and combined efforts of physiotherapy, yoga therapy, and music therapy have contributed significantly to her physical and mental well-being. Manya’s initial challenges, such as being unable to sit on her own or lift and catch hold of food, highlight the severity of her condition. However, with persistent therapeutic interventions, she has not only achieved the ability to sit independently but has also shown progress in lifting her waist and hands. The fact that she can now feed herself and has started to stand and attempt walking is truly a testament to the effectiveness of the holistic approach taken in her rehabilitation. Our center’s emphasis on promoting activities of daily living is crucial, not only for the child’s well-being but also for making life more manageable for her parents. The sense of satisfaction and gratitude expressed by Manya’s mother is a reflection of the positive impact our center has had on their lives. The collaborative efforts of Morning Light and our team have played a vital role in bringing about this transformation.




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