The ultimate goal of Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society is to build a healthier society by changing the life of needy disabled children and become free from discrimination. At the same time bring about subjective change in the life of poor tribal children through proper education, so that they can become responsible citizens.

In the rural area due to poverty the major requirement is about awareness on proper sanitation, healthy food, personal hygiene and especially proper & balanced food and medical aid during pregnancy. Therefore Sanjeevani is spreading awareness on proper sanitation, personal hygiene and healthy food habit especially among the pregnant and adolescent women and growing children.

In the next phase, we like to do important pathological tests of the poor villagers:

1)  Blood Group of pregnant lady

2)  Blood Group of newly married couple

3)  Blood Group of adult males & females, so that we can assess the deficiency and requirement

and promote awareness on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy and advise others about a healthier life.

EXPECTATIOONS-removebg-preview-300x203 Goal And Expectation

In addition to that, Sanjeevani is planning to develop a complete Therapy Centre where children from both poor and affluent section of society, suffering from “Cerebral Palsy” and other disability can get the best of Therapies available like Physiotherapy, Yoga, Music & Dance, Play and various other Behavioural Therapies etc. It is expected that many special children can be benefitted through this Centre.