Mohit’s Journey: From Hemiplegia to Mobility

mohit-guru-yoga-300x300 Mohit’s Journey: From Hemiplegia to Mobility


It’s wonderful to hear that Mohit has made progress in his recovery through physiotherapy at Sanjeevani. Overcoming right hemiplegia and gaining strength and movement in his fingers to the point of lifting 5 kg is a significant achievement. The dedication and hard work put in by Mohit, along with the support provided by Sanjeevani and Morning Light, have played a crucial role in his rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is an essential aspect of rehabilitation for individuals with conditions like hemiplegia, as it focuses on improving muscle strength, coordination, and overall mobility. The fact that Mohit’s parents are extremely satisfied and thankful is a testament to the positive impact that the rehabilitation process has had on Mohit’s life and the support provided by the healthcare professionals and facilities involved. Continued encouragement and support from both the healthcare team and Mohit’s family are crucial for his ongoing progress.


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