General Secretary

Dr. Vidya Sagar Pandey

Dear Friends,

It is always said that “Journey is more important than Destination”

It has been a continuous and well-crafted effort with many constraints in the journey but with our determination and the dedicated generous support of Morning Light of Switzerland, we were able to go a long way in serving the common cause of helping the poor.

Across India, it is understood that there are millions of handicapped people both poor and wealthy for them “Sanjeevani” is known as “Remedy to the Hopeless” so is the name of the organization.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to the members of “Morning Light” as well as all the well-wishers and supporters in India abroad for their valuable cooperation.


“I do better than someone it makes no difference,

 I do better for someone it makes a lot of difference”

– Dr. Vidya Sagar Pandey

Phone: 9415228020