We work to ensure that all men and women in tribal area are well nourished and receive optimal nutrition to promote their survival growth

Taking into account the poor economic conditions of the tribal population, we started malnutrition alleviation programme in year 2018 in Nagwan block of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.

We chose Moringa plant for the purpose of alleviating malnutrition from the lives of poor tribal women and men .This was also utilized for upliftment of the  economic condition of these people by selling the produce of the Moringa plant-drumstick and its leaves.


We conducted training sessions for a chosen group of people from different villages of the block.They were thoroughly given training about the nutritional and medicinal value of the plant.They were then distributed plants which they cultivated and after some time ,the plant grew into a small tree laden with drumstick and its leaves.These folks not only consume drumstick and its leaves in their daily meals but also sell it in the open market as many villagers have sown more than thousand plants in their land for economic purposes.

The dual purpose of addressing malnutrition and poor economic condition of the village folk could very well be addressed through Moringa plantation.we have so far  distributed lacs of plants in Nagwan Block.It has changed lives of many and are still persuing it all vigour and sincerity.

Pooja-kumari Nutrition
Kannu-Befor-500 Nutrition
Suhel-Brfotr Nutrition
Antima-01-1 Nutrition
Shrishti-kushwaha-after Nutrition
Om-Jaiswal Nutrition
littil-Anavi-400 Nutrition
littil-Anavi Nutrition