On 6th January, 2000 SANJEEVANI SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY came into being through Society Registration Act, 1860

2001- Sanjeevani Health Care Centre / Therapy centre was established in chandauli district in Uttar Pradesh.

In this year, we also started DSC (Disable screening Camp) programme in all districts of East Uttar Pradesh. We also started CPC (Cerebral Palsy /Mental Retardation Screening camp) this year. This year had another initiative by us as we started Education for All (EAP) programme from Block-Nagawan, District – Sonbhadra (Uttar Pradesh, India).

All these programmes continued till 2022 which saw the ratio of girl child percentage rising from a mere 32% (from the admission data of Year 2001) of total admission to a very healthy percentage of 50.2% in year 2021.

2005- 1st National Conference on “Environmental and social barriers, policies, law and services for persons with disabilities” was held between 3rd -4th December 2005 conducted by SANJEEVANI SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY. A total of 53 academicians, professionals, researchers, policymakers and scholars gathered to share their knowledge and experience in order to increase collaboration and cooperation towards development and betterment of disability studies and rehabilitation.

2006- “Aashirvaad Special School for Mentally Challenged Children” was established at R-251 A, Gali No.-7 Durgapur, Nasirpur Road, New Delhi -110046.We approved it as Delhi Centre.

2010- 2nd National Conference on “The effects of subjective and objective indicators of inequality on Life satisfaction for persons with disabilities” was conducted by Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society on 1st to 2nd December, 2010 in Varanasi.

The Medical Consultation, Surgery and Therapies Centre established by SANJEEVANI SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY was rechristened as “sanjeevani health care” .It is approved as permanent centre for health and medical services centre for persons with disability. It is situated at Maqbool Alam Road, Opposite District Jail, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

2013- Sanjeevani Social welfare Society started construction of Sanjeevani Bal Vidya Mandir school building with support from ‘MORNING LIGHT’ Switzerland.

2015- 3rd National Conference on “Children and Youth with Disabilities “ was conducted from 5th – 6th December in Varanasi held by Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society.

2017- Construction of School building with the help of Morning Light, Switzerland got completed. Entire educational activities got totally shifted under one roof of Sanjeevani Bal Vidya Mandir school building.

2020- Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society got appreciation letter from Honorable Prime Minister of India for having done great Humanitarian work during and after Covid Lockdown. Health Care Centre provided complete medical treatment to 100 covid patients of Covid 19 More than 250,000 cooked food packets and 2,00,000 ration kits  and 5,00,000 covid prevention kits were distributed to needy people.

4th National online Conference on “Covid 19 and person with Disabilities” was conducted on 20th  to 21st of December, 2020.

Abstracts: – COVID-19 has dominated global discourse for the last 2 years as the pandemic impacts everyone, everywhere. There is growing evidence that people with disabilities and their families are particularly at risk during the pandemic, in terms of:  

  1. Increased risk of death and hospitalization;  
  2. exclusion from the COVID-19 response actions (e.g. information and vaccination); 
  3. adverse consequences of COVID-19 control activities (e.g. lockdown and social distancing); and 
  4. Negative impacts on health (e.g. reduction in rehabilitation care). 

2021- Our organization had done selfless humanitarian work during and after Covid Lockdown in all units. More than 1,50,000 cooked Food packs 1,00,000 Ration kit, and 1,50,000 Covid Prevention Medical Kit were distributed.

Construction work started to establish a state-of-the-art “Sanjeevani Therapy Rehabilitation & Training Centre” in Varanasi for Divyaang Society (Persons with special ability) of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

District Administration awarded appreciation letter to Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society for Humanitarian work during and after Covid Lockdown in Varanasi.

Construction work in “Sanjeevani Therapy Rehabilitation & Training Centre” in Varanasi for Divyaang Society (Persons with special ability) got started in full swing. Ground floor’ construction work of around 7000 square feet area got almost ready.