Our mode of operation is through Mass Sensitization and Motivation, spreading awareness on how to minimise Disability and Malnutrition especially in pregnant women and children.

There is a direct intervention like Physiotherapy, Yoga, Music & Dance therapy and corrective surgery for the disabled. To educate the deprived tribal children to change the society.

Sanjeevani has direct intervention to the villagers and has conducted a door to door survey of 6150 houses in 50 villages of Nagwa Block of Sonebhadra. We go village to village to aware the people about proper sanitation, personal hygiene and cleanliness.

We are promoting the use of Sanitary Pads so as to avoid fatal disease. We are also promoting about cleanliness and how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. We are telling about the healthy diet because deficiency of minerals and nutrients may lead to problem, so we advising them a balanced diet which is necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Additionally awareness programmes like “Nukkad Natak” on social issues like usage of Sanitary Pads and informing about the fatal effect of consumption of Alcohol & chewing tobacco are also conducted. By this way poor villagers can be motivated and educated so that many fatal diseases can be prevented.