1.  What are the main area of operation of Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society?

Sanjeevani primarily works in the following 4 areas-

Sanjeevani Health Care Centre- At our present centre at Maqbool Alam Road, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, we offer following 2 kind of services-


Corrective surgery

we conduct corrective surgery for congenital deformities of children. This is completely free of cost.Cost of operation, hospitalization of 10 or more days and medication during and post surgery is free of cost. We have so far done more than 1000 such surgeries. 

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Providing Therapies

Therapy Sessions for cerebral palsy affected children and to corrective surgery operated children post surgery.

We have been providing Physiotherapy,Yoga therapy ,Music therapy etc to both category of children here in this centre for the last 10 years.

In view of ever increasing number of cerebral palsy affected children, SANJEEVANI has initiated building a Mega Therapy, Rehabilitation and Training Centre in an area of 38,000 sq feet at Burji Daanganj,an area about 20 km from main Varanasi town where children from Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh,Chattisgarh and Jharkhand would primarily come.

                                    For want of resources, we have not been able to expand our activity to a larger area, but we are constantly working to be able to render this service to as many children as possible.

Sanjeevani Mobile Clinic

In order to facilitate residents of very backward and poor tribal district of Sonbhadra with facility of Primary Health Care centre, Sanjeevani conducts weekly mobile clinic in villages of Sonbhadra district  where Doctors visit and examine residents, provide initial pathological testing done there itself and make available necessary medicine free of cost. The villagers eagerly wait for our Mobile clinic It gives us immense satisfaction that where there government has real problem providing certain services, God has enabled us for that

Sanjeevani Bal Vidya Mandir

In the lap of dense forest and hills, Sanjeevani has distinction of having been continuously running this primary school for last 22 years where around 400 students (girls/boys) take good education with compulsory computer education at no cost. They are also provided free uniforms and shoes thrice a year. Many of very poor and socially backward ex students of SANJEEVANI today are Engineers, Policeman/Policewomen and in other walks of life giving great support to their families and society. We feel humbled for having been a helping hand in their quest for a career and final settlement. We intend to open more such kind of schools in surrounding areas, so that more and more poor tribal children and other poor population are benefitted.


Sanjeevani Community Services

Sanjeevani social welfare society initiative for livelihood (creation, promotion and sensitization initiative for need of clean drinking water, essentiality of proper hand washing before eating and after toilet, usage of sanitary pad by menstruating girls and women, de-addiction programme from liquor and  such other harmful and addictive substances.

In order to create and promote livelihood of tribal population of Sonbhadra District, SANJEEVANI  conducted many training sessions to apprise tribal populace about how to cultivate plantation of Moringa plant. We distributed and made available more than 30,000 plants and associated essentials to start cultivation of Moringa plants.It helped them in two ways. It solved their malnutrition problem, provided them with great many essentials nutrients and also enabled them reap the financial benefit by selling it in nearby markets at a reasonable price.


Sanjeevani Community Services

Our Sanjeevani Mitra who are associated with us to promote our welfare schemes have been passionately promoting use of Sanitary pads by women and girls.They are apprised about hazards of using unhygienic materials and also keep distributing free sanitary pads that are made available for free distribution.


Sanjeevani Community Services

Village folks are demonstrated how to clean their hands before eating and after using toilets. Tribal people used to get infected by many diseases due to their habit of not cleaning their hand before eating and after using toilet. This habit is being corrected by Sanjeevani Mitra by continuously conduting public awareness programmes for it.

Sanjeevani Community Services

Another major thrust area for our Sanjeevani Mitras has been promoting tribal people to use clean drinking water. Earlier people in that area did not hesitate drinking stagnated water lying in pits or ponds. But our Sanjeevani Mitra ran concerted campaigns against using such unclean and unhygienic water and prompted and educated them the ways to make water safe and drinkable. This has greatly reduced the incidents of water infected diseases and improved their standard of living.


Why should we partner with sanjeevani?

SANJEEVANI SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY has become a name of Hope for tribal population of Sonbhadra District, If we talk of our education initiative. Many very poor and socially backward students who passed out from our school have become very successful in their personal and professional life. They are not just shouldering responsibilities of their families but many of them are also very efficiently and sincerely contributing towards making their own society educated by evolving in process of imparting free education by joining their hands with us. We sincerely thank them for being great resource at our disposal.

Our Health Care unit has revolutionized the concept of health at your doorstep by being there every week in remote tribal villages of Sonbhadra District. Be it getting primary pathological tests done or measuring vitals including Blood pressure and sugar level, we are always there in their hour of need.

When it comes to providing free surgeries to Children suffering from congenital deformities, we sincerely try that no children is deprived of this service despite having constraints of resources. By the grace of Almighty we have performed more than thousand such surgeries. 

As we conduct various kind of Therapy sessions for our cerebral palsy affected children, number of children is increasing day by day. Taking note of the fact that more children need such kind of therapy, we are in process of building a Mega therapy and Rehabilitation centre, 20 km from Varanasi, to render these services on a very large scale.

We sincerely feel anybody who has sincere thoughts for poor and downtrodden should have enough reason to have partnership with this honest sincere and transparent organization.