Condition of tribal children

Educational status has been observed as very poor because of isolation, inaccessibility, lack of communication facilities, poor health conditions, hostile environment, poor economic conditions and superstitious beliefs.Tribals need special development measures to enhance their quality of life.

Since population of schedule tribe  don’t have proper source of income they are unable to fulfill their basic needs like food, proper clothes and proper shelter. Since the economic condition of these tribes is very poor, they can not afford to send their children to schools and rather are compelled to prefer sending them for some work as child laborers so that  they could help them in their need of livelihood. Cattle gazing, labour on work sites,collecting firewood and other minor forest products are main work where children are forced to go instead of going to have education. This stems from the fact that tribes are basically hill and forest dwellers. There are no industries and no opportunities of jobs and hence in absence of any viable livelihood source, they make children victim for lack of all that have been mentioned.

Another major reason for children not getting educated in tribal areas is  drinking habit of tribal people. In absence of education and employment opportunity, these tribes tend to lose their poultry amount of whatever they earn on drinking liquor and such other addictions, leaving for them no room for their children’s education.

Malnutrition due to lack of proper food or diet is another big cause of concern for these children