Welcome to Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society

Sanjeevani works to promote and encourage child education in tribal areas. We provide mobile clinics in remote tribal villages of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh.

We also do corrective surgeries of children suffering from congenital deformities. We conduct therapy sessions like-Physiotherapy, Yoga therapy, Music therapy, Speech therapy and other kind of therapies for Cerebral palsy-affected children.

We also work in area of livelihood creation and promotion. We have been supporting tribal villages of Sonbhadra District of Uttar Pradesh for creating sustained livelihood means.

We are also doing Community Level Services spreading awareness through Mass Mobilisation and sensitization campaigns at the village level on the issues like –Sanitation , Cleanliness ,Personal Hygiene by using Sanitary Pads by women and adolescent girls, De-addiction from the ill effects of Alcohol and Tobacco consumption and proper nutrition during pregnancy so as to minimise Disability and for infant malnutrition.

Medical Aid camps at different remote Tribal villages providing Health check-up and distributing medicines to the needy sufferers.

Mass Sensitization on the issues related to Malnutrition among the Tribal Community. Promoting on a mass scale the usefulness of Moringa plant as a dietary supplement. Planting Moringa plant on large scale and distributing seeds to the Tribal community by door to door campaign so that their health and economy can be improved.  Read more…


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